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Getting cozy with Farrah Fawcett at
South-by-Southwest Film Festival, Austin 2003

With Woody Harrelson and Jack Herrar, author of "The Emperor Has No Clothes",
the classic text on the history of the repression of cannabis (Austin, 2003).

Guatemala Medical Mission
January 2003

Amazon Adventure
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Harriett Crosby, the Woman-Who-Prevented-World-War-3 and inspired Alan Slifka in his "citizen diplomacy" work, has now turned a portion of her attention to protecting virgin rainforest in the Amazon and addressing the trafficking of endangered creatures.

Sad smiles
The trans-Amazon pipeline is the backdrop for this group of environmental activists on the Rio Napo: Judith Kimerling, John Seed, Martha Mondragon, and Atossa Soltani.

Atossa Soltani and Thomas Cavanaugh of Amazon Watch, Dave Walsh of Ancient Forests International, Andrew Beath of Earthways, and Kuryanto Sri from Java cruise up the Panayacu "(Pirana Water") River en route to Panacocha ("Pirana Lakes"). Anto was with Daniel on his first Threshold evaluation of rainforest-protection projects in Indonesia in 1987.

Sundance 2002 Festival:

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