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Elijah Rose

Blondes having more fun: Eli and Daniel, Easter 2004, San Francisco

The first time I went to Africa I stopped in Israel on the way. My wig maker (internationalwigs.com) Told me there were a pair of brave and beautiful drag queens in Jerusalem who bought wigs from her who for many years  had  been hosting a show and turning the leading nightspot in conservative Jerusalem into a gay club complete with weekly drag shows ...(read the rest...)

Airline Ambassador Medical Doctor, Dr. Susott at Haiti Airline Ambassador Medical Doctor, Dr. Susott at Haiti"The smell of death is strong here tonight after a day of national prayer marking the first month after the January 12 earthquake. It is 2am now and in a few hours we will be distributing almost 80,000 pounds of food and water to our 70,000 desperate neighbors. Luckily we have help: the 82nd Airborne, which will help to ensure crowd control, has been BEYOND AWESOME, giving us hope that we may yet have a peace-keeping force we can all be proud of...."

Missiona to Burma Mission to Burma"At this time we at Airline Ambassadors International are exploring how best we can serve in an ongoing way. our expertise is in transporting aid and assisting with its distribution. Cyclone Nargis devastated the Irrawaddy Delta and hit other areas including Yangon (Rangoon) on from the night of Friday 2 May until Saturday 3 midday.

Jungle Doctor in the Amazon "I Alwasy Wanted to Be a Jungle Doctor in the Amazon, and I Finally Got My Chance!"
Thanks to Patty Webster and her innovative NGO AMAZON PROMISE, I spent part of September 2007 in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon, part of a medical brigade performing a needs assessment of communities of the Aguaruna people.

Hungry and Sick Survivors Hungry and Sick Survivors of Tsunami Awaiting Aid - Sri Lanka
We are happy to have survived the tsunami. Our small boat in the islands off of Southern Thailand was demasted. The 6 of us passengers were snorkeling off another boat and found ourselves battling currents which sucked one direction, making it impossible for 2 of our group to reach our boat...

My Stories About Cambodia My Stories About Cambodia
The first 10 orphans to leave Cambodia in 1990 heading for the USA, and the other kids in the “Nutrition Center” Orphanage in Phnom Penh. ...SOME GOT ADOPTED... SOME DID NOT. WHERE ARE THEY NOW?... Laura Smith came to Cambodia in 1990 as a high school student and now has her own foundation, Global Children

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